9th Central European Genome Stability and Dynamics Meeting

About Conference

The topics of the Central European Genome Stability and Dynamics encompass cellular mechanisms responsible for genome maintenance in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. The most recent data, often unpublished, concerning DNA repair pathways dealing with various types of DNA damage are presented with the emphasis on possible mutagenic effects of the repair processes. Their dynamics is also discussed. Cellular means of DNA damage recognition and specific factor recruitment to DNA lesions as well as mutual interactions of these two processes are analyzed. Other topics are: the regulation (activation and recovery) of the cell cycle checkpoints related to DNA quality control and identification of signals crucial for the cell cycle resumption. The functioning of mechanisms involved in the control of correct mitotic and meiotic divisions and the genomic consequences of abnormalities in the segregation of chromosomes or sister chromatids during cell division are also discussed during CEGSDM conferences. The repair processes are considered in relation to the proper cell functioning and in the context of resulting genomic abnormalities and their possible medical consequences. In addition, understanding the contributions of endogenous DNA damage to human disease, in particular cancer, and the pathological changes associated with aging are major themes of this conference. Last but not least, taking part in CEGSDM conferences allows participants to acquire new technologies or methodologies that have recently been developed in the field of studies on genetic stability.

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